introversal asked:

I'd actually love to cook for you haha, it'd be my pleasure! My favorite song by Bon Iver has to be either Wash or Re: Stacks for sure. My favorite song in general right now is Ghost by Lianne, I must've listened to it 300 times since I reblogged it from you. (thanks for that btw omg) What are your favorites?
*squeals* you just made my night. Do you know how much i love foooood?! Lmfao. I swear I’d be obese if I didn’t make myself work out every day. Annnnnd you’ve just mentioned two of my fav songs by them. You’re perfect. So very perfect. Lol, you’re shmelcome :D

Ok, so don’t judge me but have you HEARD Don’t Tellem x Jeremih featYG? ZOMG. I normally abhor repetitive radio hits, but I just can’t resist.

darlablovesichabbie asked:

it's from the dvd that came out today. i think you can get it anywhere now. target was first to obtain the rights to see it and if you get it from them you can get a companion book with cool background info on all the characters and monsters from season 1. it's designed almost like a graphic comic book.

Ohhhh my holy fuck, I was just laying in bed praying they’d release S1 on DVD soon & here you are telling me god just might be real!!! Bless you. I’ll be making a trip to TARGET TOMORROWWWW :D

adoseofblue soooo, about that SH S1 marathon we were planning on having. TELL ME WHEN YOU’RE OFF WORK NEXT. LOL.





  • Nicole:Even though Abbie is in purgatory, I was happy to see you two together
  • Tom:I wasn’t. This is all she can do is move a twig?
  • Everyone laughs.

Where is this from!? What what what wait is there some version of something w/ actor’s commentary that I’ve missed out on what?! lol

Yes this was a recording of the commentary from the finale. 

Ohhhh rilllllayyyyy?! :D
So uhm…….. Where may I bear witness to this gloriousness?!? lol

ab-salsa asked:

1. What's your name? 2. Where are you from? 3. How long have you been playing guitar?

People call me so many different things its ridonkulous. There’s the obvious, Emerald, Em, Emma, Donna, Don, Donnie, Nick, Niki, Nik-Nik, Music but some folk from way back when still call me Bee. I’ll reply to anything but AyoBitch! lol, take your pick. I’m from Ohio, but have lived in Northern Virginia since I was two, so VA is home lol. I first started playing when I was 13, but stopped for a while & then picked it up again two years ago this autumn soooo maybe 6 or 7 years total?